Finding a Meaningful, Alternative Gift for the Ones You Love

Traditional Japanese wrapping cloth,furoshiki,...
Traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, an alternative to traditional paper gift wrap (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we speed towards Thanksgiving, as well as the binge shopping day known as Black Friday, many people are looking for a way to tell those special people in their lives that they love them through gifts wrapped in a big red bow and 99 cent wrapping paper. All sarcasm aside, in an effort to help you all out so that you can avoid getting them a gift card, we have drummed up a list of ideas that will help you think outside those bright-striped Christmas boxes.

In a new article by the Press Democrat, author Diane Peterson attacks the idea of “giving,” claiming it’s become so removed from the meaning it was intended to have, focusing more on a monetary exchange than the display of love and affection. In an effort to reclaim some faith in humanity, they turned to their readers and asked them how they view gift giving and stray from the norm of holiday bargain shopping for the latest passing fad.


‘Giving’ is so different now than it used to be, 25 years ago. I used to start in September, collecting cool and unusual items to send for Christmas,” laments Diane, the author of the article. “But now, all one has to do is go online, click on an item, pay for shipping, and voila! Done! So now I, like everyone else I know, have way too much “stuff,” and not enough real connection with either the gifts or the givers.”

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