Couple Adopts 1950’s Lifestyle To Save Marriage

Nifty 50's Diner
Nifty 50’s Diner (Photo credit: Rusty Russ)

A couple in the UK are attempting to save their marriage by living like they are in the 1950’s, according to a new article.

Gary and Mandy Jones decided they need to do something drastic to save their marriage, and each had a love for the retro way of life. They adapted their entire lifestyle, from their clothes, to cars, to their home, to match the 50’s style. The couple have seen an improvement in their marriage, finding they have more in common.


“We’re a lot happier living in the 1950s way, it has improved our marriage and enriched our lives,” Mandy said. “Before, we didn’t have much to excite us apart from drinking but now we do all sorts together and it keeps our relationship fresh.”

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