Stick-and-poke tattoos gaining popularity

Stick-and-poke tattoos growing in popularityThe practice of giving yourself and others tattoos using a needle and some ink is not new. However, according to Pitt News, the trend has seen a growth in popularity among today’s college students who see it as a way to save money with a DIY tattoo method.

“Hand-poked, prison tats or stick-and-poke tattoos, as they are most commonly called, are showing up on social media and around Pitt’s campus. These do-it-yourself tattoos usually have a shorter longevity than traditional tattoos, but it varies based on the technique and type of ink used,” the article reads.


However, tattoo professionals warn that the method increases the risk for infection and design regret later in life.

“Everybody thinks of tattoos as, ‘Oh, they are expensive, they cost so much,’” tattoo artist Erin Hosfield said in an interview with Pitt News. “It is that way because you know that you’re getting a clean service. Is it worth an extra however many dollars for something that you’re gonna have forever and ever?”

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