Tattoo shop reacts to restrictive army rules

US_Army_50996_A_Work_in_ProgressThe topic of new tattoo regulation is not new to this blog. We’ve covered it a few months back when it was first purposed that soldiers would have stricter policy to go up against when it came to body art and again when they released information saying that existing art would be grandfathered in.

However, as the deadline for new policy approaches, one shop in Carthage, New York gives it’s perspective on the updated rules.


“When the changes are finalized, the shop owner said the conversations he would have with military customers would likely be similar to those he has with 18-year-old customers — making sure they’re not negatively affecting their future employment options,” an article in Watertown Daily News reads. 

However, the new rules do not worry the shop owner, who says that many customers have begun planning larger projects down the road for when they retire.

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