Mother of 3-year-old faces critique over tattoos

Mother_with_childAfter his column last week “When Even the Starting Line is Out of Reach,” New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof witnessed a lot of lash back over the photo he published with the piece of mother Truffles Weethee which showed the woman’s tattoos. In response, Kristof writes of the ongoing stereotyping and association problem in the U.S. in this week’s article. 

“To me, such outrage at a doting mom based on her appearance suggests the myopic tendency in our country to blame poverty on the poor, to confuse economic difficulties with moral failures, to muddle financial lapses with ethical ones,” he writes.


Kristof goes on to discuss the effect that this attitude has on the children of parents that are branded irresponsible based on tattoos that, in Truffles case, were done before their children were in their lives.

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