Seattle artist advises on tattoo placement


For Seattle based artist Electric Alivia, tattooing means more than making a few bucks. Because of this attitude, Alivia has recently announced that she refuses to do any work on hands, necks, faces or fingers as she does not want to contribute to the growing number of poorly-thought-out tattoos, according to The Colorado Springs Gazette. 

According to her Tumblr:


Does not only your current job but your desired lifetime career allow visible tattoos? This does not mean ‘I work at Taco Bell and they don’t care.’ Unless your life plan includes working at Taco Bell for the long haul, THINK TOWARD THE FUTURE. TATTOOS ARE FOR (expletive) EVER … How do you think hand/neck tattoos affect you applying for a business loan from a bank?

She urges young adults looking to get tattoos to consider the long term impact of visible work.

To read the rest of Alivia’s advice on tattoo placement click here.