Professionalism should not be impacted by body art

Armsleeve_Skull_Skulls_Tattoo_by_2Face_TattooWith an increased number of our generation getting inked up, discriminating based on the idea that tattoos represent a poor work ethic is becoming increasingly absurd. The reality is, that with over 44 million people in the U.S. tattooed, the professional workplace needs  to adjust this archaic idea, according to Beth Lindly’s column for The Crimson White at The University of Alabama. 

“It is presumptuous and, frankly, immature to subscribe to the belief that those with visible tattoos will not uphold a completely professional and watertight work ethic when they have a job,” Lindly writes.


She goes on to explain that there are many educators and doctors with tattoos in common practice that are not assumed to be irresponsible or any less fit for their jobs.

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