Get your Game of Thrones fix with this new mod

An in progress Game of Thrones board game (source)
An in progress Game of Thrones board game (source)

If you’re among the many of Game of Throne fans who cannot get enough of the show after seeing the new trailer for season 4, “A Clash of Kings,” a new game modification of “Mount and Blade: Warband,” may just tie you over.  In fact, creator by ModDB user Cozur created a wide range of quests and events to tie into the franchise, according to Wired writer Bo Moore. 

“And though it launched several years ago, the mod continues to have active development and updates, the most recent of which went live just last week,” Moore writes.


Despite the steep learning curve on “Mount and Blade,” Moore continues on to say that the elements of Cozur’s mod are realatively easy to pick up.

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