Tattoos commemorate religious journeys



For many Christians, tattoos serve as more than just decoration. Instead, they chose ink to represent their personal journeys into their faith. 


“Religious-themed tattoos are a big thing for us, always have been. People definitely proclaim their faith on their bodies when they’re getting tattooed,” Cliff Cox, owner of Oshkosh Tattoo and Goodgirl Piercing, said in an interview with USA Today. “There’s a lot of people that I know and have talked to who’ve been sitting in my chair getting tattooed that have undergone a major life change and found some sort of god in their lives and it has completely altered their life for the better.”

For many the tattoos also act as a conversation piece and way for the wearer to start a conversation about the importance of their faith with others, according to Tommy Bongers, an Appleton, Wis. pastor.

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