The shifting views of tattoos


20 or 40 years ago the tattoos spoke to the idea that the person they were on belonged to a gang or dealt drugs. While out-dated thinking such as this shows up even today, society accepts body art more than it has in the past, according to WQOW TV.

“I know doctors, I know attorneys, there’s a lot of people that have them,” Joshua Beaulieu told WQOW TV.


However, many unqualified people believe they can break their way into being artists as tattoos become more mainstream, according to the article.

“I’m covering up a lot more these days, there’s so many places popping up, and not everyone has been taught correctly, so what happens is the people are being misguided, so they go into the shop, and they feel, because they’re in a studio, that it should be a safe zone for them, they should be able to get what they’re paying for, and they’re not,” Beaulieu told WQOW TV.

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