A better Brooks for your butt


According to WIRED Magazine, Brooks England bike saddles underwent a redesign with IDEO to create a more comfortable seat using composite materials, straying away from their classic leather saddles for the first time since the company’s founding in 1866. 

“We looked into molded felt with a thin leather outer, and a lightweight mesh of metal layered with cork and a gel component,” Thomas Overthun, IDEO’s lead designer for the project, told WIRED. “We just proposed a whole range of different materials.”


The new seat runs about $200, but the new design brings with it new benefits despite the cost.

“The seat better absorbs vibrations, is impervious to water and grundle sweat, and, crucially, is comfortable from day one,” according to the article. “The line’s main model, the Cambium C17, was one of 10 products out of 500 to earn a gold distinction at this year’s Eurobike Awards.”

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