Video game takes players out of their element


“The Stanley Parable” started out as a mod for “Half-Life” that came out in 2011. However, this year the game matured into its own stand alone experience that not only challenges its players, but puts them outside the comfort zone of classic gaming. 

“‘The Stanley Parable’ frustrates me, and it’s all my fault. It is a work of satire; it takes the form of a first-person adventure game in order to expose, parody and ridicule (and in so doing, hope to change?) the narrative and game-play tropes upon which the genre relies,” Chris Kohler, a writer for WIRED magazine, wrote in his article about the game.


The game taunts each player with the promise of the neat, flashy ending that accompanies most video games. However, no matter how many ways the player tries the last scenes of the game, that gratification does not come, according to Kohler.

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