Tattoo artist gives advice to teens looking for ink


When entering college, getting a tattoo is not an uncommon practice for many students. However, tattoo artist Dawn Cooke advises against jumping the gun just for the sake a of getting a favorite design. 

“Since it is permanent, one should take the utmost care in choosing the right artist. An artist can sketch the tattoo before actually putting it on your body. With so many artists out there, she also recommends that you ask to see a portfolio,” according to


Lorena Woods, a tattoo artist in training, adds that not only is it important to check into an artist, but to bring someone along that will give honest feedback.

According to an interview Woods did with, “always take a parent with you. Not just one of your friends … and think very hard about what it is you want. If you’re not sure, or hesitant — don’t get it. And never let an artist pressure you into getting one. You have to live with it forever.”

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