Superhero fiction comes into its own

"Steelheart" author Brandon Sanderson (source)
“Steelheart” author Brandon Sanderson (source)

The genre of superhero fiction overcame the campy elements of its predecessors in the last decade, according to io9. The article sites three recent novels as the bleeding edge of the genre’s reformation: “Prepare to Die” by Paul Tobin, “Steelheart” by Brandon Sanderson and “The Villian’s Sidekick” by Stephen Brophy.

“All three of these books feel like a shot in the arm for superhero narratives, showing that they can combine the best of classic “tough guy” stories with the meditations on power and identity that are the hallmarks of the cape genre,” according to io9.


While the books still draw heavily on the superhero tales before them, they may be a good alternative if current comic books feel a bit bland, according to the article.

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