Life as a teenage medieval reenactor


While most middle school children are getting their first experiences of maturity and eagerly looking forward to high school, those who have parents active in the Society for Creative Anachronism lead an entirely different experience. 

Erica Stratton admits to being a teenage viking for a good part of her younger years while on trips with her SCA dad who was heavily involved in the SCA. 


“Roughly between grade school and my senior year of high school, visiting my dad could mean two things: We’d either spend the weekend hanging out in his treehouse and ice skating, or hastily putting on Viking and Elizabethan costumes in order to attend a Medieval style-feast that might include dances straight out of The Tudors or fighting with swords and shields,” she wrote in an article for xoJane. 

While Stratton no longer frequents the festivals she grew up at, the days of dressing in period garb and running around as if in her favorite fantasy novel are looked back on fondly.

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