Being laughed with or laughed at?


Nerdy movies appear to have broken into the mainstream media rather successfully these past couple of years. However, when filmmakers create films like crowd-funded flick Zero Charisma it brings into question if nerds are being laughed with or laughed at. 

According to WIRED, the film aims to please both the table-top, D&D playing crowd it is about as well as the mainstream consumers that would look in from the outside of the subculture.


“I can’t shake the feeling that most people who watch the movie will be laughing at nerds, not with nerds,” io9 writer Rob Bricken posted last month. 

The film also stirs up the recently reopened can of worms that is the what-is-a-real-nerd debate. While director and co-producer Andrew Matthews’s heart may be in the right place, the movie could reinforce already negative stereotypes about what it is to be a nerd, according to WIRED.

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