Architects show the potential of Legos



Lego’s Architecture Studio set gives aspiring architects all of the literal building blocks to begin to create their own designs. However, WIRED Magazine thought it would be fun to provide full sets to three of the top architecture firms in the world and see what they could build. 


One of the firms, Snøhetta from Oslo, Norway, utilized the light weight material of the Legos to build a gravity defying tower.

““A Lego building has a lightness that a real building doesn’t have to contend with,” says Craig Dykers, Snøhetta’s co-founder, told WIRED. “We thought wouldn’t it be interesting to capture the feeling of gravity in a Lego block, where gravity actually has very little influence in many ways on its structure. Balance became a big discussion point, and how could we create something where you could feel the weight of a Lego holding something up.”

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