98-year-old man makes masterpieces in MS Paint


Although MS Paint fell behind the curve of graphic design long ago, 98-year-old Hal Lasko continues to make breathtaking art on the program after 13 years. 

Lasko, who was diagnosed with wet macular degeneration that gave him partial blindness, began painting with MS paint after the disease took his ability to see small details on canvas.


“When I started to go blind, I wasn’t able to get the brush quite where I wanted it,” Lasko told WIRED. “So when I got into the art program on the computer, I appreciated that I could blow it up eight hundred times [larger] and be sure that I was hitting the right spot.”

While Lasko doesn’t full understand the advancements of the internet, his grandson, Ryan Lasko, put up a website to sell eight of the elder Lasko’s paintings.

To view the gallery of Lasko’s work and purchase prints click here.