Upgrade yourself to superhero


Life with super hearing, strength and faster healing may be a dream of a science fiction, but not for much longer.

Chemist Michael McAlpine recently developed a bionic human ear that is designed to be installed into the user and will increase their range and quality of hearing. The prosthetic came to be using a 3-D printer, live cells and conductive silver.


According to WIRED writer Josher Flaherty, “it started as an exploration of material properties, but commercial applications started to appear rapidly.”

McAlpine reasons that evolution rendered our hearing obsolete long in the past. In today’s world, one where we constantly are plugged into technology and the digital age, it does not make sense to upgrade everything except for our bodies.

“We evolved in a world where we needed to hear lions,” McAlpine told WIRED. “But today it makes sense for one of our senses to talk directly to our brain, electrically.”

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