Swedish pop meets southern country

Swedish DJ Avicii at a London performance. (source)
Swedish DJ Avicii at a London performance. (source)

Recent years have seen many cross-genre creations, but nothing quite as startling as Swedish artist Avicii’s global pop-country merge at this year’s Ultra Music Festival, according to Jon Caramanica with The New York Times. 

The performance met mixed reactions at Ultra Music Festival in March when he added a roots jam session into his typical performance.


Despite audience confusion, musicians continue to reach across genre boundaries to create new sounds for their tracks. According to Caramanica, these songs “sit comfortably next to the king-size crossover country and folk of recent years — think Mumford & Sons, or the dubstep song on the last Taylor Swift album.”

While pop cross-overs have seen large success in the U.S., foreign artists have stolen the spotlight of the cross-genre music scene from America.

Performances like Avicii’s demonstrate the adventurous and experimental nature of foreign pop that does not fit well onto American radio.

This is largely due to the fact that, according to Caramanica, “American sonic imperialism still works.”

To listen to Avicii’s music click here.