The Society for Creative Anachronism – ‘It’s Hardcore’


For most people, a break from the drone of the day may consist of an hour at the gym, a movie night or a night out with friends. For members of The Society for Creative Anachronism that break means beating and stabbing your friends with swords in medieval garb.

For Broward/Palm Beach New Times reporter Kyle Swenson it meant a day of sweat, swelling and bruises in full armor at the Crown Lyst in the Kingdom of Trimaris or Ocala National Forest.


“Ask SCA members to define what the group is and they will usually first school you on what it’s not,” Swenson wrote. “Sure, technically, its historical reenactment, but they don’t act out real historical battles, like, say, Civil War reenactors. And yes, the action is grounded in medieval times, but the SCA isn’t like a Renaissance Faire either, where the fighting is staged. And it’s definitely not LARPing — live action role playing — which is like a live game of Dungeons and Dragons, with people tossing bean bags as magic spells and swinging foam swords.”

For more information on the local SCA group, click here.