Social-Security Spousal Benefits for Same-Sex Couples


The Social Security Administration urges same-sex couples to apply for spousal benefits whether or not their state of residence recognizes same-sex marriages.

While the agency continues to work out the logistics of awarding benefits to those couples in state’s that do not recognize same-sex marriages, early application could yield retroactive benefits after eligibility is determined.


Furthermore, “the agency also is inviting applications not just from those in same-sex marriages, but also those in other legal same-sex relationships, like civil unions or registered domestic partnerships,” according to New York Times reporter Ann Carrns.

However, for those who married in one state and relocated to another, the issue of residence causes confusion for many couples as the SSA determines eligibility based on place of residence.

While the process moves slowly forward, the SSA is working on the many obstacles facing same-sex couples in America.

“We’re awaiting guidance, and we’re really hopeful,” Susan Sommer, senior counsel with gay rights group Lambda Legal, said to The New York Times.

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