The Polyamorous Closet

Polyamory pride in San Francisco.
Polyamory pride in San Francisco.

While recent progress for LGBTQ community has been made, some members of other alternative communities feel left out of the increasing social acceptance outside of the common, hetero-normative relationship model.

Michael Carey, a writer for who identifies as a bisexual, polyamorous man, recently wrote an article about the lack of social progress surrounding polyamory and polygamy. Carey, who experienced coming out to his family as a bisexual man in a polyamorous relationship with his wife of 3 years, addresses the many myths and social stigmas surrounding the lifestyles of people in polyamorous relationships.


“You don’t know if your neighbors are poly (or whatever other term they may use), because they’re still afraid that if they don’t hide that aspect of their lives from you, something bad might happen,” Carey writes. “Those potential consequences range from having all future interactions feel awkward to having authorities take away their children.”

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