Moonshine: Not Lost to the Past

At the mention of moonshine most people, more often than not, conjure up an image of prohibition-era stills and back country liquor sales. However, while we are out of the age of prohibition, the culture of making moonshine, or artisan distilling, is still alive and well. 

According to Imbibe Magazine, “As interest in all types of whiskey has exploded in recent years, it’s not surprising that adventurous micro-distillers are experimenting with different styles of the spirit—including the unaged whiskey called “white dog” that has clear parallels with the moonshine tradition.”


The fact that the practice is technically still illegal does little to curb the interests of those looking to learn more about the craft as a hobby.

“There’s a great appeal to learning the process—it’s like if you know how to cook, you can appreciate going out to dinner more,” Matthew Rowley, author of Moonshine!, told Imbibe Magazine. “If you know how to distill, it makes drinking a much more interesting experience.”

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