Miss America: Archery, Tattoos and Army Dentistry

Miss America Contests, 2003. (source)
Miss America Contests, 2003. (source)

Miss America contestant Theresa Vail, who currently holds the Miss Kansas title, surprised judges and audiences alike when she revealed her tattoos during the bikini contest portion of the competition. 

“Officials say it is the first time someone has showed that they have tattoos at a Miss America pageant, though let’s be real, definitely not the first time someone has had them,” Kate Dries, a columnist for Jezebel.com, wrote.


Vail also intended on shooting archery for her talent in the competition, but was not allowed to as the organization has a policy against “projectile objects.”

She also used the opportunity on stage and television to talk about her academic ambitions after she completes her degree at Kansas State University in Chinese and chemistry. Vail went on to talk about the focus of her platform: empowering young women.

According to her website, “giving young women the confidence to pursue their dreams will have a positive impact on America. When women break through the stereotypes, they become doctors, political leaders, businesswomen, community activist’s – whomever they want to be.”

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