Hooked On Relaxation


Have you worn out all options to defeat college stress? Good news, the Brentwood, CA based Anti-Gravity Relaxation Organization may have just the method you’re looking for: swinging from hooks by your skin.

Based on Native American rites of passage, suspension attracts a group of 20 people every Sunday to the Murphy Ranch.


“I think the biggest reason why people do this is belonging, a sense of family, a sense of group and love and support and knowing these people have your back no matter what,” Tim Taylor told to LA Weekly.  “You can trust them with your life, because you have.”

However, according to the article, many suspenders participate to prove to themselves that they can withstand the pain.

“I always was interested in extreme bodily challenges,” Jennifer Cohen told LA Weekly. “It was about feeling proud of myself because I could endure these things and achieve these things.”