The Dangers of Home Tattooing

Professional tattooing guarantees a certain level of artistic and medical safety. However, there is an increasingly large number of people doing tattoos from their home without training. The practice poses serious health risks to those getting these unprofessional tattoos.

“If you get kids doing this out of their house, you’re going to have problems because they’re doing it next to animals, in the kitchen, on the floor, wherever,” Lorne Howden Sr., owner of Awesome TAT-2-U, told The Lima News.


Howden aims to also work with the Board of Health and Licensing at the Health Department to enact stricter laws to prevent the practice altogether. However, according to Bill Kelly, director of environmental health at the Allen County Health Department, the best effort against dangerous, unlicensed tattooing is educating the public.

“The best defense is the public being aware, not putting themselves at risk by going to an unlicensed location for this kind of thing,” Kelly told The Lima News.

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