Beer Edition: New Belgium Porch and FNBO Loft offer Ram fans beer-drinking spots


Collegian | Gregory James

The New Belgium Porch at the north end zone of Canvas Stadium, host to Colorado State University Rams home football games Sept. 9. Canvas Stadium revenues are outpacing the projected profits for this year.

Bailey Shepherd, Sports Reporter

There are a few things in this world that go perfectly with one another: peanut butter and jelly, chips and salsa, bacon and eggs. These combinations are marriages as old as time to us, but here in this great country of ours, few combinations can hold a candle to the holy matrimony of college students and beer. There are even fewer places where this connection is so culturally ingrained into a community than right here in Fort Collins.

The city has a rich history when it comes to beer and brewing. At Colorado State University, students have also played their part in developing this cultural identity. It was 54 years ago when CSU students cared so much about their right to enjoy a beer on their campus that they staged the infamous CSU beer-in of 1968, which ultimately led to the creation of our beloved and sacred Ramskeller Pub & Grub.


While this has allowed students a place to purchase beer on campus, it wasn’t until very recent history that students and the Fort Collins community at large could purchase and enjoy a beer as they cheered on the Rams at Canvas Stadium or Moby Arena. 

The New Belgium Porch at Canvas Stadium

The crowd cheers as Dante Wright (22) scores on Western Illinois University.
The crowd cheers as Dante Wright (22) scores on Western Illinois University during CSU’s first home game of the season Sept. 7, 2019. CSU wins 38-13 (Collegian | Devin Cornelius).

The New Belgium Porch opened at the same time as Canvas Stadium back in 2017. The project arose out of a partnership that CSU has had with New Belgium Brewing for many years now. The Fort Collins brewing behemoth donated $4.3 million for the construction and naming rights. It’s hard to miss for the average Ram fan, as it’s positioned directly on the north end zone of Canvas Stadium in front of the main gates. 

Access to the beer garden is limited. If Ram fans or students want to enjoy the porch, they have to buy a ticket, which retails for approximately $25. It’s not a bad price to pay when you consider the porch offers one of the best vantage points in the stadium, with the lower railing being level with the field.

The drink selection at the porch is solely New Belgium staples such as Fat Tire Amber Ale, Old Aggie Superior Lager and occasionally some special seasonal brews for football season. New Belgium brews are also offered at concession stands throughout the stadium, but when football season picks back up in the fall, consider this unique experience for your next visit to Canvas Stadium.

The FNBO Loft at Moby Arena

A fan holds an Old Aggie can while watching a Colorado State Basketball game.
Fans watch Colorado State University basketball while drinking beer at the FNBO Loft in Moby Arena Jan. 28, 2019. The loft allows CSU to sell beer and wine during basketball games. (Collegian | Devin Cornelius)

The FNBO Loft at Moby Arena can thank the success of the New Belgium Porch for the inspiration behind its creation. Back in 2018, the athletic department ripped out around 600 seats on the southwest side of the building to make room for the new addition.

At the time, Athletic Director Joe Parker explained the vision for the loft to Mile High Sports: “Imagine the New Belgium Porch experience, but 300 people.”

That vision seems to have held up since the loft debuted in early 2019. This space is a little more accessible to the average Ram fan, as they operate on a first-come, first-served basis; however, that policy might change in the near future with the record attendance levels Moby experienced this last season. 

There is one catch, however. If you buy a beer in the loft, you aren’t allowed to bring that beer anywhere else within the arena. The loft offers plenty of standing room separated from the main concourse by a standing rail. Believe me when I say this location is one of the best spots to be on a packed night in Moby Arena, so be diligent when next season starts to get there early and order early to save your spot. 

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