LTTE: Vote yes on Proposition FF to end Colorado food insecurity


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To those seeking to eliminate food insecurity,


Vote yes on Proposition FF in Colorado this November. This bill offers Colorado the opportunity to partake in making great strides toward ending world hunger by guaranteeing that every child in attendance at participating public schools is provided not only a meal but a healthy one.

This proposition has the potential to be a catalyst for solving food insecurity not only within Colorado but consequently the United States and perhaps the world.

It is not a mystery that the United States is constantly facing one common battle: hunger. In Colorado, over 9% of the adults in our community ate less than they felt they should in 2019 due to increasing financial burdens. Medical bills, housing and personal health are commonly congruent issues with food insecurity. This disproportionately impacts minoritized individuals, rural and urban communities and single-parent homes. CPS reported that between 2016 and 2018 13% of kids in the state of Colorado lived in food-insecure homes.

“Solving world hunger starts in our backyard. Solving hunger in Colorado starts with Proposition FF.”

This bill offers us a chance to not only feed our children but provide consistent and sustainable nutrition. This bill spares low-income individuals, including those already struggling with food insecurity, by only taxing households that make over $300,000 annually. For a minimal amount of money, we can provide healthy food in public schools, thus providing financial relief to parents. It is said that it takes a village to raise a child; equally, it takes a community to feed them.

As a full-time social work student in pursuit of my master’s in social work, I have had the privilege to work within a variety of diverse communities. I have personally witnessed many families struggling to not only feed themselves but their kids. The families that were lucky enough to have students in a school that served free lunch were often served food with very little nutritional value.

Currently, in my position as a social service coordinator, I spend an immense amount of my time searching for a way to feed my clients. Personally, like many parents, as a new father my heart dreads the very first day I send my child to public school. I should not have to fear the repercussions of my child eating food with the nutritional value of fast food, let alone for the substantial price that’s just short of fine dining.

In my — perhaps even unqualified — personal opinion, I believe this proposition could have major impacts on Coloradans and even the world.

I know the thought of taxes makes any of us want to dump a boat of tea in the sea. However, this tax’s purpose stands out among the many taxes we already pay in that it goes to directly feed the most innocent  — perhaps annoying at times — of humans: our children. Solving world hunger starts in our backyard. Solving hunger in Colorado starts with Proposition FF.

If you’re going to pay taxes, do it for the children. Vote yes on Proposition FF in this upcoming Colorado election.


Taylor Lantzy 

Social Service Coordinator,

Colorado State University social work master’s student

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