Eckburg: How to get the most out of your Homecoming weekend


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Bella Eckburg, Opinion Director

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Homecoming week is a time for Rams of the past and present to reunite and celebrate their Ramily in a weekend of fun and football. 


Whether you’re hosting a tailgate and grilling some bratwursts or killing time before Saturday’s kickoff, Fort Collins has a lot of activities for you to give your visiting family the full FoCo tour. Here are five things you should know to make the most out of Colorado State University and Fort Collins’ Homecoming offers.

Prepare for the unexpected

If you’re planning on making the rounds and participating in all of the events CSU is offering this year to celebrate Homecoming, you have to prepare for the unexpected. On Oct. 14 and 15, heavy traffic and parking could be an issue. Make time to arrive early. 

Wanting to swing by a few bars? Be mindful of lines — happy hour in a college town is a match made in heaven. 

If you want to go to dinner as a family or with friends, definitely call ahead to snag a reservation for your party, and don’t get snippy with employees — it’s a busy weekend, and they’re doing their best to ensure you’re having a good time.

Get a cup of coffee near campus 

One of my favorite things to do on the days before game day is walk around campus with my family and see everyone with their family or their friends. 

There really is no better feeling than having a hot drink in your hand while bundled up on a cool fall day and giving your family a tour of your home while you await festivities. Lucky for you, the campus area is crawling with coffee shops of all shapes and sizes. 

First, a few on campus: Morgan’s Grind Cafe in the Morgan Library, Sweet Sinsations Cafe in the Lory Student Center, Sweet Temptations Cafe in the Behavioral Sciences Building and The Human Bean truck, which is usually parked in the Moby Arena parking lot. 

Close to campus, you can find a Mugs location near The Oval and Momo Lolo Coffee Shop on West Elizabeth Street across from the Moby Arena parking lot. It’s pumpkin spice season, y’all! 

Stop by a CSU Homecoming event

CSU is hosting a plethora of Homecoming events, and the main events begin Oct. 13. You can watch the Friday Night Lights events starting at 6 p.m. Oct. 14, including the lighting of the A to represent Aggie pride, the big bonfire and an assortment of firework displays on the Lory Student Center West Lawn.


We’re celebrating, after all: We’ve got a win under our football belt (finally). Make time to see the Ram Walk as the CSU Marching Band leads the football team to the Canvas Stadium — one of my favorite parts of game day. 

“You only get so many homecoming weekends, so make the most of your time. Even if you’re a homebody on a daily basis, getting out and enjoying the fall weather with your loved ones is good for your brain.”

Saturday’s the big day when the CSU football team faces off against Utah State University. Grab your tickets, and buy a beer.

Do some window shopping — or, you know, actual shopping

I’ve lived my four years at CSU with crippling envy about not owning my own pair of those incredible yellow and green-striped overalls. There is nothing better than watching groups of people walk by in those silly pants, but will I ever actually wear them outside of football season? Probably not. 

You can determine for yourself whether they’re worth it — or you can look longingly at them and then buy a cute CSU sweater you’ll wear over and over.

Window shopping around Old Town is also always fun, even if you only buy a little trinket or a snack. FoCo is home to a bunch of little boutiques, plant stores, restaurants and more. It’s super pedestrian-friendly, and you’ll probably see a lot of dogs.

Spend time soaking it all in with your friends and family

You only get so many homecoming weekends, so make the most of your time. Even if you’re a homebody on a daily basis, getting out and enjoying the fall weather with your loved ones is good for your brain. 

There is a lot of flexibility this weekend, and there is so much to see and smell and interact with across campus and the community. Cross your fingers for Saturday’s game, grab a coffee or spiced cider, be safe and enjoy the weekend.

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