Henry: Get some respect — keep that American flag at half-staff


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Brendan Henry, Collegian Columnist

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Walking through campus, you may sometimes notice the American flag is positioned at half-staff. It seems to be that way everywhere, all the time. In the past, it was easy to identify why the flag was positioned this way — a time of mourning across America or a state — but it never seems to rise back up into its official position.


Now, call me a pessimist (I already know), but why not just keep the flag at half-staff permanently? Sure, we grieve over the deaths of politicians and important figures, but are we not also grieving over inflation, unaffordable housing, lack of workers’ rights, division among our people and daily injustices committed by and against our own people?

Let us not forget about gun violence. Shootings seem to happen every week, and whether you believe guns should stay or go, remember what country you live in. There will always be guns here because there are few politicians who want to poke that bear.

People find themselves on the streets without a home because rent prices are astronomical, and Fort Collins has a U+2 law that limits the number of occupants allowed in a single home. On top of this, good luck not spending a fortune on groceries or gas.

In my last article, I said New Belgium Brewing was a shining light in the dark tunnel of employment. Unfortunately, many businesses do not treat their workers with the same respect or offer the same benefits New Belgium does. People work hard but hardly get paid, let alone receive any decent benefits that could help them succeed. But by all means, raise that flag.

People are killing themselves over a former reality TV star-turned-president, but the man lost his chance to be reelected two years ago. Anybody trying to investigate him for his potential crimes is now a target of the folks who still wear “Make America Great Again” hats and hoist the numerous flags that represent their fallacious and hateful ideologies.

“Truly, this is the ultimate time for grieving. Keep that flag at half-staff. We have no good reason to raise it beyond its midpoint.”

What about the obvious lack of apolitical judges in the Supreme Court? Roe v. Wade was overturned by people like Clarence Thomas who actively want to cause hurt to those who do not share their values. The overturning of Roe v. Wade was an important example of how our democratic system is flawed and potentially dissolving.

Meanwhile, people are still voting for Donald Trump-like people to represent them. Representatives Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert still hold some power in Congress, and this trend is continuing to gain momentum. While many people think the comparison of Trump and those with similar styles to Adolf Hitler is a stretch, the rhetoric is similar, and Hitler was also voted in as Germany’s president.

The Roman Empire was a great power of its time too, but it fell. History echoes itself.

The public is agitated at the state of the country, from the socialist sympathizers to the right-wing militiamen doing drills in fields. Truly, this is the ultimate time for grieving. Keep that flag at half-staff. We have no good reason to raise it beyond its midpoint.


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