LFTE: A disclaimer about the beer special edition


(Graphic Illustration by Jake Dunaetz | The Collegian)

Katrina Leibee, Editor in Chief

Editor’s Note: All letters from the editor reflect the views of the editorial board only and does not represent a stance taken by The Collegian.

Dear readers,


Thank you for picking up our last special edition of the year. This year we have made special editions about Fort Collins history and freedom of speech — both engaging and important topics in the Colorado State University and Fort Collins communities. For our last one, we decided to tap into a huge part of Fort Collins culture and dedicate our coverage to the one thing Fort Collins residents seem to never get enough of: beer.

Fort Collins is home to phenomenal craft breweries like CooperSmith’s Pub & Brewing, New Belgium Brewing, Odell Brewing Company and many more. We had the pleasure of learning about beer, touring breweries and even finding alternatives for those who don’t like beer.

With as much fun as this edition has been to put together, we want to make it clear that The Collegian does not support underage drinking or irresponsible drinking.

All of the staff members who tried beers or ciders for this edition are 21 years old or older, and all beer was consumed responsibly to put this edition together. We recognize that binge drinking and irresponsible drinking is often a huge problem for college students, and this edition in no way glamorizes or encourages irresponsible drinking. That is why within this edition we have included resources for getting sober as well as articles on alternatives to alcohol for those who want to stay in the social scene but don’t drink alcohol.

This edition celebrates the history and cultural importance of beer in Fort Collins and at CSU, and we are happy we get to share that with the community.

Katrina Leibee, editor in chief

Serena Bettis, content managing editor

Devin Cornelius, digital managing editor

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