Beer Edition: Editors’ Picks: Best brews, perfect pours

To celebrate beer, we put together 14 beers that our editors find delicious!

Editorial Staff

Fort Collins is home to more than 20 craft breweries, and with so many places to try beer, we wanted to pick a few of our favorites to recommend. We hope you’re enjoying this special edition and you’re inspired to try a beer, cider or nonalcoholic beverage you’ve never heard of before.

Blue Moon Mango Wheat

Editor: Devin Cornelius


I love regular Blue Moon, but the mango wheat version takes the cake. The subtle hint of orange mixed in with the sweet aroma and taste of the mango brings the beer to another level. It’s refreshing and tasty, and it goes amazingly with cilantro lime tacos and hearty beef burgers.

Blackberry Lemon Bar Sour – Loveland Aleworks

Editor: Noah Pasley

Blackberry Lemon Bar Sour Ale is one of the only beers that deserves to call itself a sour; it’s especially tart and offers a flavor that isn’t “angry dirt” looking at you, IPA lovers.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Editor: Katrina Leibee

Not Your Father’s Root Beer tastes exactly like root beer; you’d never know it’s an actual beer. This is perfect for those who enjoy the social aspect of beer drinking but hate the taste. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop offers a Not Your Father’s beerita, and it’s an adult root beer float.

Sippin’ Tropical – Odell Brewing Company

Editor: Lucy Morantz

Sippin’ Tropical is a sour that isn’t so sour you can’t taste the beer. It’s super refreshing, and it makes you feel like you’re drinking adult juice.

Chocolate Cherry cider – Summit Hard Cider and Perry Company

Editor: Serena Bettis

This Chocolate Cherry hard cider smells exactly like a cherry Tootsie Pop, is smooth going down and leaves a delightful tingle in your mouth. I love this drink so much; it makes me feel giddy to be alive (and over 21).


Old Aggie- New Belgium Brewing

Editor: Luke Bourland

Old Aggie is the best because it is tied to Colorado State University, the best school in all of Colorado. If anyone disagrees with this, they obviously haven’t tried enough beer to formulate an accurate opinion — coming from the editor who has about one beer per month.

Natural Light

Editor: Cat Blouch

Natural Light is a beer that tastes like juice, and who doesn’t like juice? The packaging is cute and reminds me of a sunset, which is a metaphor for the slow burn of the Naturday. In other words, the buzz creeps up slowly and subtly, which I respect.

Modelo Especial Mexican Lager Beer

Editor: Jocelyn Lapham

Because why not? Everything else is gross. At least if I’m drinking Modelo Especial Mexican Lager Beer, I know it’s because I’m at a party with good people who know how to dance.

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