This week in ASCSU: Sustainability, accessibility on campus


Members of the Associated Students of Colorado State University listen to Speaker of the Senate Nick DeSalvo as the senate adjourns Jan. 24, 2023. The meeting was the first of the semester for student government. (Collegian file photo)

Sam Hutton, Staff Reporter

The Associated Students of Colorado State University convened April 12 for the 26th session of the 52nd senate.

The session began with Director of Governmental Affairs Evan Welch, Director of Health and Wellness and Vice President-Elect Alex Silverhart, Director of Marketing Grace Crangle, Chief of Staff Haydyn Deason, Director of Finance Jillian Cook, Director of Traditions and Programs Reed Vega and Director of Environmental Affairs Kenneth Kinneer updating senate on matters such as an upcoming City Council Town Hall, available executive cabinet positions, an upcoming ASCSU Blood Drive May 3 and open Board for Student Organization Funding positions.


Chief Justice Marcus Zacarias then updated the legislative body on judicial matters such as upcoming Plant a Pot Day events on The Plaza, ASCSU Branch Battle competitions and judicial branch position openings.

Bill 5218 “Interview Attire Wardrobe” was then discussed.

The bill requests $20,000 from the Senate Discretionary Fund to supply an Interview Attire Fund pilot program within the Career Center, separate from its current attire fund, which works to provide financially insecure students with professional attire to be used during job and internship interviews.

The funding from ASCSU will allow students to receive interview attire from the Career Center without taking away from their financial aid, according to the bill.

“There’s a lot of folks who don’t apply for positions because they feel underdressed and that puts them in a continuous cycle of not being able to dress for interviews,” University Affairs Committee Chair Sammy Trout said. “That’s a massive problem, especially for folks who experience homelessness.”

The bill passed by way of a 31-2 vote.

Lex 5207 “Voting Rights and Senate Associate Senator Membership” was also considered.

The legislation makes clarifying edits to the voting rights and membership requirements for associate senators, determining that associate senators are only granted voting rights if they hold a committee chair position within senate. 

The lex will be sent to the Budgetary Affairs Committee.


Senate then discussed Lex 5208 “Collaboration and Diversity Amendment.”

The lex intends to increase and encourage cooperation within the historically contentious senate by mandating legislative authors collaborate with senate members from several College Councils and Student Diversity Programs and Services offices on all future pieces of legislation. 

The lex will be sent to the University Affairs Committee. 

Resolution 5208 “Sustainable Investment Future” was then considered. 

The legislation intends to allow ASCSU to continue advocating for sustainability efforts on campus and denounce further investment in fossil fuel energy, citing the extensive research of the Divest CSU coalition that maintains the CSU System continues to hold at least $7 million in fossil fuel investment. 

The legislative authors hope the bill will push CSU to reach its net-zero emissions target by 2030.

“For a university that prides itself on being sustainable and taking action to further their sustainability initiatives, this is a fantastic next step,” co-author Riley Ruff said.

The resolution passed by way of a 25-1 vote, with two abstentions.

Bill 5221 “Accessibility Accountability Act” was also considered.

The bill intends to create an Accessibility Caucus that will work to investigate broken door buttons designed for disabled students on the CSU campus and seek further accountability and transparency from CSU administration on other accessibility efforts across campus, including reliable elevators and campus transportation. 

“At the end of the day, disabled people don’t need help, we need to be able to have spaces where we can come together and make change,” Senator Ruairí Low said.

The bill will be sent to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, University and Internal affairs committees.

ASCSU Senate will reconvene April 19.

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