This week in ASCSU: Religious inclusivity on campus


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Associated Students of Colorado State University Speaker of the Senate Nick DeSalvo introduces guest speaker Pete Waack, Chief Executive Officer for Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation, Jan. 24. RMSMC came to speak at the ASCSU meeting to petition for continued funding via the student government.

Sam Hutton, Staff Reporter

The Associated Students of Colorado State University convened Feb. 8 for the 18th meeting of the 52nd senate.

The session was headlined by a comprehensive guest speaker presentation from CSU master instructor Elizabeth Sink and Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Jody Donovan, who educated senate on spiritual, secular and religious inclusivity efforts at CSU, detailing proposed projects designed to promote religious acceptance and bridge divides between religious demographics amid a growingly diverse religious landscape.


“For students to feel like they belong here, they need to know that there’s a place for them here at Colorado State,” Donovan said. “If we’re not talking about this important part of that identity, students may feel like this is not a place for them.”

The presentation garnered scorn from several senate members who criticized the presentation’s lack of diversity in certain presented statistics and raised potential safety concerns in the wake of recent spikes in antisemitic rhetoric across campus.

“This campus is already known for protecting the hateful preachers that come harass and abuse students,” Senator Ariadne Athey said. “This presentation is extremely light and Christian-based and to present it as a well-rounded one is to present incorrectly.”

Executive reports followed, with Chief of Staff Haydyn Deason, Director of Health and Wellness Alex Silverhart, President Rob Long, Director of Traditions and Programs Reed Vega and Deputy Director of Finance David Wise updating senate on matters including recent mental health tabling on The Plaza, promotion of free pregnancy tests available on campus, organized protests surrounding the proposed CSU tuition increase, the upcoming Rams on the Ice event and ongoing initiatives to create additional travel opportunities for students.

Chief Justice Marcus Zacarias and Associate Justice Amber Wright also updated senate on supreme court matters such as the upcoming Be the Match tabling event Feb. 14, a Coffee With the Court event Feb. 17, City Council Action Committee discussions and planned voter registration events.

Zacarias also briefly addressed senate concerning the conduct of the legislative body during the guest presentation and discussion.

“We have to do a better job of making sure that this is not a hostile environment for individuals who do not represent us,” Zacarias said. “We have to realize that the tone that we used tonight was inappropriate to these women that came up here to talk to us about something that they hold dear in our space.”

Lex 5207, “Voting Rights and Chairship” was then discussed.

The lex aims to clarify the voting rights of associate senators within ASCSU, determining that associate senators are only granted voting rights if they hold a committee chair position.


Previously, associate senators have been permitted to vote in place of their college’s designated senator, but recent confusion and discrepancies in the voting process has limited the effectiveness and sustainability of such policy.

The lex will be sent to the Internal and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Affairs committees.

Bill 5213, “Additions to Bill 5122” was also considered.

The bill makes financial additions to Bill 5122, which dedicates funding to a pilot program that would create an “Immigrant Services and Programs” position housed in the Academic Advancement Center.

The bill will be sent to the Internal and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Affairs committees.

ASCSU Senate will reconvene Feb. 15.

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Editor’s Note: This article was updated Feb. 15 to clarify the intention of Bill 5213.