Midterm voter guide: Candidates for District 52 representative


Collegian | Falyn Sebastian

Emmalee Krieg, Staff Reporter

State representatives serve in a state-level legislative branch. Their position is meant to represent people within their voting district concerning state laws. While upholding the state’s constitution, they can create, modify and update state laws.

Cathy Kipp 

Cathy Kipp has served in the Colorado House of Representatives for District 52 since 2019.


Running for reelection this November as a democratic candidate, Kipp is a strong advocate for educational funding. Having a background on her local school board, she places emphasis on teacher salaries. Her past work involves getting voters to approve a tax that gives access to free kindergarten while doing technical changes to make sure districts are paying their share to the state to improve student education, according to her website.

Her agenda also includes climate change, affordable housing and health care. Kipp mentions the importance of pandemic money going to affordable housing, behavioral health, economic recovery and workforce development. If elected, she wants to continue to improve educational funding and all-around affordability for District 52 residents. 

Deborah “Dee Dee” Vicino 

Deborah “Dee Dee” Vicino, is the Republican candidate for District 52 representative.

Vicino has a background in education as an assistant principal and member of the school board. Vicino has four main pillars: crime — she wants residents to be able to walk the streets safely; affordability — housing and taxes are a big concern for Vicino; small businesses — Vicino is a small business owner herself and believes they should be able to operate free from government overreach; education — she believes parents should have a say in how their children are educated, according to her website.

While Vicino is new to politics, she isn’t new to running larger operations, with a background in a high-performance charter school that she believes will be an asset to legislating.

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