ASCSU approves funding for Dragula Halloween Bash


(Graphic Illustration by Christine Moore-Bonbright | The Collegian)

Sam Hutton, Staff Reporter

The Associated Students of Colorado State University convened Oct. 12 for the ninth meeting of the 52nd senate.

During the meeting, a new senator was sworn into office. The senate heard from guest speakers, oversaw the ratification of a new member of the Board for Student Organization Funding, passed legislation and elected the Constitution Caucus chair.


The legislative body first heard a presentation from Off-Campus Life Director Lindsay Mason and graduate assistant Haley McAveney concerning a multitude of issues that have affected the viability of the RamRide program.

The guest speakers outlined several potential solutions to these issues, garnering discussion and further suggestions from senators.

The meeting continued with executive reports, where Chief of State Jasen Wahler, Director of Traditions Reed Vega, Director of Diversity and Inclusion Charlie Williamson, Director of Finance Jillian Cook, and Deputy Director of Law and Policy Jorge Garcia presented on matters including Indigenous Peoples Day, the upcoming sponsored tailgate and the further advancement of diversity and inclusion efforts.

Judicial reports followed, with Chief Justice Marcus Zacarias reporting on the upcoming “coffee with the court” event and a recent court case that works to adjust procedure for voting methods during senate deliberation.

The senate then proceeded with the ratification of candidate Hannah Alwell as a member of BSOF, which works to allocate funding for student groups on campus.

“I think that being involved on campus is important for every student, and every student should find a place that feels like home for them at CSU,” Alwell said.

After a short debate period where multiple senators expressed their approval and praise, Alwell was ratified as the newest member of the BSOF. The oath of office was administered by Zacarias.

Bill 5204, “Funding for the House of Ovis Drag Performance” was then introduced.

The bill requests the approval of additional funding totaling $9,000 from the Senate Discretionary Fund, the Discretionary Fund of the Director of Diversity and Inclusion and the Office of the President Discretionary Fund for the House of Ovis’ upcoming Dragula Halloween Bash.


The event is intended to increase LGBTQ+ expression on the CSU campus and the bill has earned the endorsement of a multitude of CSU community members.

“This is a great way for not just the student performers, but also staff, students and community members to learn about the art of drag,” said House of Ovis Co-President Orion Gizzi.

After a lengthy debate period in which concerns over the technicality of the funding were addressed, the bill passed by way of a 25-2 vote, with two abstentions.

Later in the session, Lex 5202, “Vote of Confidence Clarification” was heard and discussed.

The lex aims to make small changes that will ensure equity and clarity in the process of the vote of confidence during the elections for speaker of the senate.

The lex will be sent to the University Affairs Committee for further review.

The senate then moved into the election of the Constitutional Caucus chair.

Rithik Correa, Parker Doyle and Ben Torres Doxey were nominated for the open position. After each candidate expressed their case and discussed their qualifications and motivations, the vote was put to a secret ballot.

With 17 votes, Doyle was elected Constitutional Caucus chair.

“As caucus chair, I’d like to use that space as a way to teach senators, both new and old … and work on amending the constitution and bylaws,” Doyle said.

ASCSU senate will resume Oct. 19.

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