CSU to replace eID with NetID this summer


(Photo Illustration by Matt Tackett | The Collegian)

Westyn Hubbard

Jack Miller, News Reporter

Colorado State University plans to replace the current student eID system with a new system called NetID. This change is set to take place this upcoming July. 

Kelly Poto works as an information security specialist for the Division of Information Technology at CSU. This department played a big role in making this decision. 


“The decision to change our campus identifier is not one that we take lightly, but several key items compelled us to move away from the eID system,” Poto wrote in an email to The Collegian. “EID is a custom developed set of software and processes that were designed and implemented over 22 years ago. The systems that run NetID will provide more real-time updates from student information and HR systems as well as improve CSU’s security posture.” 

This change will also allow CSU to share the same system with CSU Pueblo, therefore making the entire process easier. 

“The Joint Banner Project was a key driver in moving forward with the NetID project,” Poto wrote. “The goal of the JBP was to have CSU and CSU Pueblo share the Banner student information system, thereby eliminating redundant systems and associated costs. CSU is working towards integrating more of our systems and processes with our CSU system partners, and having a shared NetID makes that process easier.” 

Although this is a big decision, CSU’s Division of IT doesn’t think this system change will have an impact on students.

“We do not anticipate that students will notice any difference in function or use outside of the name change from eID to NetID,” Poto wrote. “The eID/eName and eID password for all students will be automatically migrated to the new NetID system in July.” 

Dave Hoffman works as the director of project services at CSU’s Division of IT. Hoffman explained the success of this system so far. 

“We went live with NetID on the CSU Pueblo campus in January of 2021,” Hoffman said. “So that campus has been using NetID for faculty, staff and students for over a year now, and there have not been any issues to report.” 

Students who are aware of this seem to be indifferent about the system change as long as it doesn’t cause problems for them. Cormac Osborne is a sophomore at CSU and has the same opinions as a large number of students. 

“I’m going to be kind of annoyed if students have to change their account and set it up again, but as long as I don’t have to do anything, I couldn’t really care less,” Osborne said. 


Poto is confident the system change will be smooth and will only improve the convenience for students. 

“Many CSU students are affiliated with both the Fort Collins and the Pueblo campus(es),” Poto wrote. “Having NetID as our common identifier will allow for a seamless student experience across both campuses.” 

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