Public transit, including Transfort, to lift mask requirements immediately


Collegian | Trin Bonner

Natalie Devereaux

Noah Palsey, News Editor

Transfort has lifted its mask requirements effective immediately, after an April 18 federal ruling that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention overstepped when it issued a mask mandate for airplanes, buses and other public transportation due to the spread of the coronavirus.

The Transportation Service Authority has also said the mask mandate will not be enforced for public transportation since the CDC’s mandate was struck down.


Because of the ruling, all Transfort routes will no longer require masks, including the MAX and FLEX routes. The change marks the first time since May 2020 that passengers on public transit have been allowed to unmask, although the CDC still recommends wearing a mask.

A press release from Transfort said they “will provide updates if mask requirements change or further decisions are made. The court ruling does not preclude transit operators from imposing their own mask requirements.”

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