North LSC renovation to begin in May after 2-year delay


Collegian | Devin Cornelius

The Campus Information desk is located by the Colorado State University Transit Center at the Lory Student Center Feb. 23, 2020. CSU is planning to renovate the north end of the LSC.

Isabel Brown, News Reporter

Following graduation this May, the Colorado State University Lory Student Center will undergo renovations to the north end, which will continue until approximately May 2023.

Mike Ellis, associate vice president for the Division of Student Affairs and executive director of the Lory Student Center, wrote in an email to The Collegian that these renovations will include an addition to the third floor.


“One of our goals is to more closely emulate the design and feel of the two prior renovations, creating a more cohesive experience throughout the entire LSC,” Ellis wrote.

The expansion is a $28 million project and will require the closing of the Transit Center west and north entrances throughout the summer, Ellis wrote. Currently, the goal is for those to reopen by fall 2022.

Ellis explained the expansion will alter the north end Transit Center entrances, create an updated lounge on the second level, install elevator access to the third level and update the bathrooms. He wrote Aspen Grille will also move from the LSC to Residential Dining but return to the LSC once renovations are complete. Furthermore, the bookstore will receive an update, being redesigned in its entirety, though it will remain open during the construction.

“In addition, the aging heating and cooling system will be replaced with a more energy-efficient system in line with the University’s sustainability goals,” Ellis wrote.

The renovations will disrupt the day-to-day functionality of the Lory Student Center, as many of the centers and offices that currently reside in that portion of the building will be displaced during construction, including the Adult Learner and Veteran Services.

This expansion will greatly increase the amount of space ALVS has for its office and gathering space, ALVS Director Ben Schrader said.

“The Adult Learner and Veteran Services creates a community space for veterans and nontraditional students,” Schrader said. “We do programming as well as advocacy for these populations.”

Schrader explained the center will be displaced for the entirety of the construction project, from May 2022 to May 2023, but he said the students who utilize this space are excited for the expansion and willing to move to a smaller space in the meantime.

Many students use the Adult Learner and Veteran Services center as a gathering ground, going there to eat their lunch or partake in the programming and other services the center provides. Schrader said during the construction, they will be in the Ram Copy area that formerly housed FastPrint, which will likely decrease the amount of traffic they get, but the area will still be able to provide that study space for students.

Schrader said the center will expand its total area from 1,800 square feet to 8,000 square feet and span two floors instead of one. He described a bank of windows letting in an abundance of natural light and a large open lounge where RAMtech is now for the students to utilize.


Ellis wrote RAMtech’s new permanent location will be in room 244, which is adjacent to First National Bank.

ALVS’ portion of the expansion is student-fee funded, and Schrader is grateful for that funding, he said.

This expansion was set to happen two years ago, but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed it, Ellis wrote. They postponed until they could better understand what influence the pandemic would have on finances, the supply chain and the labor force.

“The project delay has resulted in roughly a 20-25% increase in costs,” Ellis wrote. “However, interest rates also were lower, which allowed the University to pursue bonds at a significantly lower interest rate than anticipated.”

He said the construction team worked hard to save on costs for this project and is currently evaluating “add alternates” in case funding isn’t sufficient to address the increase in costs.

“We’re really excited to have this space available for our future incoming students,” Schrader said.

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