Virtual abortion care service Hey Jane available in Colorado


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Isabel Brown, News Reporter

Hey Jane, a completely online abortion service that delivers abortion pills, is now available to residents in Colorado. It was launched in 2021 with the goal of honoring and respecting those who choose to get an abortion.

Hey Jane is able to provide safe abortion access, which is 98% effective and is able to be shipped to recipients within 1-3 business days, according to the website.


Gaby Izarra, head of growth and marketing and co-founder of Hey Jane, explained the inspiration for the company came from CEO and co-founder Kiki Freedman.

“It was when the last abortion clinic left in Missouri was on the verge of being forced to close its doors,” Izarra said. “At the very same time, … telehealth was exploding”

Izarra explained that almost 90% of counties don’t have an abortion clinic, and she said it takes about eight days to get an appointment, making abortion access limited to residents of those counties.

“Our patients can text, phone or video chat our experienced clinical team throughout their treatment, whether they have medical questions or are just looking for emotional support.” –Gaby Izarra, co-founder, head of growth and marketing at Hey Jane

Furthermore, access to safe abortion health care isn’t always financially feasible. Izarra said there are costs not always considered when looking for care, such as transportation costs, which may include bus fare or even plane fare. This is something that may not be viable for those who cannot miss work or afford to travel.

Hey Jane is an online solution to these financial limitations and doesn’t require any travel or appointments, just access to a computer.

Mifepristone, one of the medications used, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2000. The in-person dispensing requirement was removed by the FDA in December 2021, allowing Hey Jane to provide this service, Izarra said. This pill is only a viable option for those who are up to 10 weeks pregnant, according to the Hey Jane website.

Izarra highlighted the importance of trust in those receiving the pill.

“A key component of Hey Jane’s philosophy is that we trust our patients to know what’s best for them and their bodies,” Izarra said.

Izarra explained that the clinical team is able to make sure gestational age is not past 10 weeks through working with the patient. When a patient is past 10 weeks, Hey Jane is still able to provide a resource guide to find other options for them, Izarra said.


Furthermore, Izarra said their intake process is thorough, which allows the Hey Jane team to treat patients without worrying about if the pills end up with the right person.

Currently, Hey Jane has plans to continue to expand to more states, Izarra said, but with other restrictions — like requirements for in-person visits — that reach may be limited.

“One of the things that makes Hey Jane unique is that we provide abortion care,” Izarra said. “Our patients can text, phone or video chat our experienced clinical team throughout their treatment, whether they have medical questions or are just looking for emotional support.”

Izarra said college students make up a good amount of those who get abortions.

“For college students who are seeking care, Hey Jane means that they have an option that’s fast, safe, affordable and discreet — but still incredibly supportive,” Izarra said. “It’s clear that an option that removes unnecessary barriers to care is crucial for allowing students to continue their education.”

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