Fire near CSU Corbett Hall and Mulberry Street

Video by Katie Spencer


Sunday evening, at roughly 4:30 p.m., a house at 924 Pioneer Avenue caught fire. Seven fire trucks along with multiple police cars and ambulances responded to the emergency within five to 10 minutes.

According to Derrick Bacheller, a resident of the house, a propane grill in the backyard unexpectedly erupted.

“I thought (the grill) was off,” Bacheller said.

When authorities arrived at the house, the length of the flames surrounding the house was high, according to Officer Doug Lee.

No one was injured in the fire and, as of 6:00 p.m., firefighters were still trying to put out the blaze.

The Poudre Fire Authority was not able to confirm the source of the fire by time of print.

“We had a report of a structure fire,” Lee said. “Firefighters came from the backside to a hoseline inside.”

According to Lee, the damage sustained to the home was primarily in the backyard, although it did reach the interior and parts of the attic.

Neighbors and passersby stopped to offer a positive outlook in the wake of the fire.

“It could be worse, the whole thing could be gone — no one’s hurt,” said Karen Furst, household landlord.


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