Trending: What CSU students are wearing this spring


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Rebekah Barry, Staff Reporter

As spring and summer are beginning to roll around the corner, different fashion trends are emerging around the Colorado State University campus.  These trends are documented on CSU Fitted, an Instagram account that showcases the best of fashion amoung our fellow Rams.

The best way to stay connected with fashion trends and ideas is through the CSU Fitted Instagram page. The page is also looking for any designs to feature on its page as it puts together a zine: a CSU magazine that will be available at the end of the year for purchase.


Here are the top five fashion trends spotted around CSU’s campus and documented by CSU Fitted.

1. Baggy pants

Whether it be solid colors or loud patterns, baggy pants have been common on the CSU Fitted fashion page and around campus. They provide style with added comfort and are an easy way to express yourself. If denim is not your forte, white baggy pants with colored patterns are a great way to flaunt your creativity. You can also DIY a pair of pants. Fabric markers allow for hand-drawn pictures and designs while reusing a pair of plain pants as a canvas.

2. Layers

Even with the sunnier weather, light layers add the perfect amount of comfort to any outfit. This also helps so that you are dressed for the evening, especially if you spend a day out and don’t plan on going back home to change. Some layering ideas include jackets, sweaters, hoodies and blazers. These versatile pieces of clothing make it easy for all people to dress comfortably and still look stylish while attending classes. Even a large scarf will make a great addition to an outfit while being lightweight.

3. Comfortable but stylish tennis shoes

Tennis shoes and similar styles are a go-to during the warmer months. One of the most popular brands among college students is Nike, and other popular brands include Converse and Vans. The variation of colors and shoe style gives each person their own unique look. If you’re looking for another way to accent your shoes, you can also string the shoelaces in different patterns. Some examples of styles include the ladder, diamond and double back.

4. Knee-high boots

If you want to opt for a different pair of shoes, knee-high boots are also a great addition to a skirt or a dress. They can be paired with knee-high socks or leg warmers if that is more your style. For more added detail, some people use chains, a variety of laces or some colorful beads on their shoelaces. Another creative way to decorate is to use colorful bottle/pop tabs that you can get from drinks; this is also a great way to recycle.

5. Headwear

From headbands to baseball caps, a great way to complete an outfit is to have a stylish headpiece. Some alternate ideas include bandanas, beanies, bucket hats and even cowboy hats. If you are more of a creative type, you can also add your own stitches into baseball caps or bucket hats. If you opt for a chic hairstyle, small braids accented with colorful clips are a fun option.

6. Other accessories

Adding a finishing touch to your outfit can mean whatever you want it to. For many college students, basic accessories like headphones, earbuds, necklaces, chains and sunglasses become an everyday necessity. Additional ideas for final add-ons include temporary hair color, earrings, rings and buttons that accent your backpack or jacket.

CSU students along with other students throughout the country have revived thrift fashion, spanning decades of trends to build their own looks, and it is now being recognized on campus.

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