Muslim students plan to break fast at Ramadan iftar together


Collegian | Trin Bonner

Hania Nini, Staff Reporter

Several Colorado State University student organizations are coming together to host their second annual Ramadan iftar dinner, a celebration and an opportunity to promote campus unity.

The event will be 6:30-11 p.m. March 24 in the Iris & Michael Smith Alumni Center at CSU, and it will celebrate the breaking of the fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. 


Reham Abdunabi, the Southwest Asian and North African student organization‘s president, said the event and the organization were inspired by a lack of Muslim and SWANA representation on campus. 

“We are attempting to raise awareness and advocate for our community,” Abdunabi said. “We want to show to people who are not a part of the community what we do during Ramadan.” 

For Nora Aslan, the SWANA community liaison, Ramadan iftar is a time to come together in the community. 

“Typically during Ramadan, many mosques will hold iftar to allow the community to come together,” Aslan said. “We hope to create this sense of community around the iftar event.”

The Ramadan iftar dinner will not only be a celebration of the breaking of the fast, but it will also provide students with an opportunity to learn more about Muslim culture and traditions. 

Attendees will be able to ask questions and engage in discussions with SWANA members, promoting better understanding and acceptance of different cultures and religions on campus. The event will include a prayer and a presentation about the importance of Ramadan, as well as tables by other student organizations and a photo booth. 

One of the most important aspects of the event will be the variety in the halal food, Abdunabi said.

“We are trying to represent cultures from many different places,” she said. “There will be Indian food but also sweets like baklava, which represents a different region in SWANA. There will also be dates and milk served right when you check in, which is a big part of the tradition.”

Abduladeem Tabib, SWANA financial officer, said they are expecting over 350 attendees, with over 200 from the SWANA community. Attendees should RSVP through a QR code found on posters for the dinner.


“We are expecting a large crowd,” Tabib said. 

To ensure the event is inclusive and welcoming to all students, the organization has heavily advertised it throughout campus, including residence halls and departments. 

“We have been telling everyone to come to learn a little more about the culture,” Tabib said.

The SWANA student organization has planned several other events for the semester, including the Chai to Understand the Hijab event, a henna night and a dining hall night featuring traditional recipes. 

Abdunabi emphasized the significance of such events in raising cultural awareness and understanding. 

“It is beneficial for students to have a diverse experience on campus,” Adunabi said. “That is not always the case in classrooms. I believe it is important for them to attend these types of events in order for them to become more culturally aware of different identities because it is valuable for them to know about different cultures, even after they graduate.”

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