5 gyms to run to instead of CSU Rec


Collegian | Madelyn Hendricks

Ivy Secrest, Life and Culture Director

Once students move off campus, the convenience of the Colorado State University Recreation Center dwindles. At some point, the crowded gym just isn’t worth the hourly fee for parking — at least not for all students.

Luckily, Fort Collins isn’t restricted to this one gym, and students have found several alternatives that work well with their budgets, lifestyles and commutes. If you’re looking for a new gym, here are a few places that cater to a variety of workout needs.


1. Raintree Athletic Club and Alive by Raintree Athletic Club

Raintree Athletic Club and Alive by Raintree are gyms for most levels. With a people-friendly workout space and great staff and equipment, both gyms offer a fun workout experience. For students looking for a higher-end gym experience with smaller crowds, this is a great option. Some passes even allow you to bring a buddy if your roommate ever wants to tag along for a quick lifting session.

2. Prodigy Gym & Fitness

Prodigy Gym & Fitness is a great fit for aspiring bodybuilders. With advanced exercise equipment and a “get it done” vibe, this gym doesn’t mess around with muscle. Students looking for a more targeted workout experience will likely prefer this setting to that of gyms like Crunch Fitness and Alive by Raintree.

3. CycleBar Fort Collins

Big fan of the cycling classes at The Rec but always signing up too late? While it is a more pricey option, CycleBar Fort Collins is a high-energy location to really focus on the stationary bike grind. While this membership does limit the types of exercise you will be participating in, it will also give you access to a high-energy atmosphere where you can push your cycling skills. You can try your first cycle free if you’re hesitant about committing to purchasing rides.

4. CrossFit DNR

This gym is a great fit for the competitive people who want to work with full-body exercise at all levels. With access to coaches and a variety of training opportunities, CrossFit DNR is a good environment for the enthusiastic athlete. Working with a tightknit community that pushes each other to improve, this gym caters to all levels of CrossFit athletes and provides a space to grow and improve with other members.

5. Crunch Fitness – Fort Collins

If all of the intensity feels too overwhelming, Crunch is an open and welcoming gym for beginners. There’s space to feel effortlessly comfortable when starting out.  It is a gym with a strong gym influencer culture and community, which can be intimidating if you struggle with comparing yourselves to others; however, that doesn’t diminish the comfort of this workout space.

Working out can be a fun and encouraging experience that strengthens your body and mind, but if you’re not in the right space for yourself, it can be stressful and discouraging. While the CSU Rec is a great place to get started, it isn’t the best option for every student.

Allow yourself the time to find the space that best fits your fitness goals and personal workout style, whether that’s cycling, CrossFit, bodybuilding or combination workouts you love.

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