Rams take care of Rams: 5 ways to get active on campus


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A cyclist passes in front of the Student Recreation Center Aug. 28, 2021. All full-time Colorado State University students have unlimited free access to gym equipment, personal training opportunities, a pool and outdoor equipment rentals.

Ivy Secrest, Life and Culture Director

Colorado is a famously active state, and Colorado State University is an even more motivating environment. Between yoga on the Intramural Fields, bikers zooming through campus without concern and the whole scene being framed by the stunning foothills, it isn’t shocking that the CSU community has an appreciation for getting active. 

If you’re interested in having a more movement-filled college experience, here are a few places to get started.



One of the simplest ways to build your social circle and get active is by joining clubs. There’s something for everyone: If you’re looking to get moving and grooving with cool people, try Snowriders (skiing and snowboarding), CHAARG (wellness community), the Alpine Club (climbing) or the Outdoor Club. Active social clubs like these four offer a welcoming space for beginners to get into new activities and sometimes provide members with deals, like discounts on ski passes. 

The gym

Are you more self-motivated and don’t need the camaraderie part of physical activity? The Student Recreation Center offers access to gym equipment, a pool and even personal training. The staff is friendly and helpful and will guide you through working out at the gym if it’s your first time. Just be sure to check how busy things are at Rec Cam & Counts

Group classes

If you still want to experience the Rec but crave social interaction, look into the classes they offer. You can do yoga or kickboxing and try out new skills in a safe group environment. If you find clubs and working out alone aren’t for you, this is a great alternative. Classes are consistent and can be a weekly part of your routine. They’re included in student fees for Rec members, and you’ll be supporting your fellow Rams as they learn to teach. 

Intramural Sports 

If you want something a little less serious and more fun and playful, join Intramural Sports. You can play dodgeball, volleyball and several other sports competitively with a team of friends. You can go into it seriously competitive or go just for fun; either way, it’s a great way to meet new people and let off some steam. Just be sure to keep an eye on registration deadlines, or they’ll fly by before you and your friends can decide on a cool team name.

The Outdoor Program 

If you’re looking for something a little more outdoors-focused and guided, look into the Rec’s Outdoor Program. Learn to rock climb or ski, and when you’re ready to hit the great outdoors solo, you can even rent equipment. There is no need to drop a month’s pay on a tent so you can camp by the Cache la Poudre River; CSU’s got your back while you’re figuring it all out. 

Tapping into the resources available in order to stay active will elevate your college experience. No one wants to spend all day sitting behind a computer, so why not put some effort into finding a physical activity that works for you? No matter your athletic style, there are outlets for you on campus. Don’t let a lack of experience or social anxiety stop you from discovering a new passion.

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