Weed to Know: 5 phrases to help you grind in with the smoke sesh


Collegian | Madelyn Hendricks

Taylor Paumen, Cannabis Director

Living in Colorado gives most of its population the stigma that they enjoy blazing it up from time to time. Living in Fort Collins, where there are more than a handful of dispensaries within miles of each other, sets the stoner standard to another level for the community. 

That being said, you might be having more interactions with stoners than you’re used to, or maybe you’re a new smoker who wants to become more involved in the cannabis culture. Well, look no further as we grind up trendy phrases you might come across through your elevated adventures. 


1. “Puff, puff, pass, mothafucka”

Starting out with a classic and the formalist structure smoking marijuana has, this phrase is pretty universal. If you’re hanging with the dudes or girlies, smoking becomes a social event where sharing is caring. Take a puff or two and pass it along to your next buddy. 

If there’s one phrase that goes unsaid but is the common expectation, it’s puff, puff, pass. Your fellow stoners will appreciate you because no one likes a hogger. 

2. “Homie, it’s loud in here”

Have you ever walked into a garage or basement or even gotten into someone’s car and it smells like a skunk died in there? The smoke may still be gliding through the air, or it’s just your nose that’s been unexpectedly waffed with the memory of the last smoke session, but in no relation to the beats of sound, it means the environment is loud. Take a good whiff. 

3. “Dude, this tokes heavy”

As we get deeper into Gen Z lingo, let’s break this intermediate-level stoner phrase down. I’ll paint the scene: You’re sitting on the patio on a warm summer evening, and you’re lighting a joint with your bestie. After a few puffs back and forth — you know that puff, puff, pass we went over earlier — your friend looks over to you and says, “Dude, this tokes heavy.” In other words, your buddy is saying, “Dude, this joint is getting me so high.” 

Toke means smoke, and heavy means a lot in this case. A casual “I know right” or “You can say that again” will keep you on par with your company. 

4. “Wanna go hit that dank?”

If you’ve made it this far, then I’ll take it you indulge in the occasional smoke sesh. Then I hope you can also agree with me when you hear, “Wanna smoke?” as it turns frowns upside down, and excitement fills the air before the smoke does. 

The more, let’s say, advanced and sophisticated way a stoner could spice up their vocabulary would be to ask the homies, “Wanna go hit that dank?” Don’t read too much into it as your answer should always be “Yes.”

5. “Don’t let it canoe!”

We’ll end this learning lesson with a phrase you never want to hear but need to know so it’s not you looking lost in the smoke circle. When you’re smoking on a joint or blunt, it’s easy to forget there’s a wrong and right way to do it. 

If you light a joint and it’s not evenly burnt around the end, it can cause the burning of the flower to only burn on one side of the roll. This then creates that said “canoe” that could waste valuable flower if you’re not aware. Turning the joint as you smoke it to burn all around the joint will better your smoking experience and make you look like a pro. So don’t let it canoe!

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