Strain Review: Gorilla Monster is nothing to fear


Collegian | Falyn Sebastian

Miles Buchan, Staff Reporter

If you’ve ever been put off by a strain because of its name, I know where you’re coming from. However, I encourage you to suspend your fears for this review because Gorilla Monster concentrate might not be as menacing as you think. This is true for both its price and high.

Made by At Altitude, this gram of concentrate is available at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary for the moderate price of $15. Similar in moderation to its price is the THC level, which tests at 66.05%. This hybrid strain is one that I’ve never seen or heard of, which made it a perfect candidate for review.


As this is a concentrate, it’s important to know the spectrum of potency is broad. If you’re used to smoking flower, then it can be easy to overdo it by taking too big of a dab or by taking it too hot. That being said, in an amount I’m used to and at the correct temperature, Gorilla Monster offers a very relaxed high.

“Smoking this strain didn’t take me on an unexpected trip; rather, it rocked me into a nice comfy state of mind that would sometimes grow into drowsiness.”

In appearance, this strain of wax is comparable to many others I’ve seen that are worth almost twice the price. The color and consistency of this strain were surprisingly bright and smooth; however, its price may start to reveal itself in its smell and flavor profile.

When I first opened the container, this wax had a bit of an odor, but it was undefined and quickly went away. When smoking Gorilla Monster, I noticed it had a pretty earthy flavor and hit slightly on the harsh side.

That being said, the smoke has some sweet undertones but mostly just tastes like weed. I should also note that terpenes and flavor profile are some of my favorite aspects of the smoking experience, so the indiscriminate smoker will likely be unbothered by this.

In regards to the high, I must say Gorilla Monster is a gentle giant. After reaching various heights of highness using the wax, I can say it is mostly mellow the whole way up. That is to say, I would not expect the fast-paced, overbearing high that might come from increased potency concentrates or flower.

For me, Gorilla Monster struck mostly down the middle with a slight lean toward indica. Smoking this strain didn’t take me on an unexpected trip; rather, it rocked me into a nice comfy state of mind that would sometimes grow into drowsiness.

I would not limit this strain to the evening time, though. Admittedly, the drowsiness came only after heavy use. If you’re a person who likes to get high before exercising in the morning or to compliment a nice lunch with some dabs, you might consider this Gorilla Monster concentrate. Rating: 7/10.

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