Weed to Know: How to stylishly blend in with stoner community


Collegian | Madelyn Hendricks

Taylor Paumen, Content Managing Editor

Humankind has been indulging in cannabis activities since the Golden Age, lighting the start of a new culture. However, the then-sophisticated theorists probably weren’t rockin’ beanies and sweatpants. 

The modern stoner may have just as innovative ideas as our progressive ancestors but has ground up a mix of past eras to bring you today’s stereotypical stoner. So if you’re trying to blend in with the stoner crowd or want to embody “The Weed King,” these are the must-haves to ensure you don’t get outed as just a grungy poser.


Let’s start with a base. Depending on the season, this can look like a few different styles. The warmer months of the year aren’t prime stoner-style weather, but a simple comfy set of baggy cargo shorts or spandex will do the trick. Think Shaggy, but if you’re looking like a dad on July 4, you’ve gone too far.

In those more chilly times of the year, sweatpants will become your best friend, pairing nicely with a favorite sweatshirt. But if there’s one main rule to follow, it’s to layer, layer and layer. 

Your style could look like Rihanna meets Snoop Dogg, baggy but swaggy with several articles of clothing. Flannels, sweatshirts and long-sleeved shirts are all great bases or covers to add to an edgy T-shirt when you are trying to embody a common cannabis connoisseur.

“But while all these styles are fluid and can mix and match to your own taste, you could always take people by surprise and be a daily suit-and-tie type of smoker like The Beatles or just your everyday kind of guy like Seth Rogen.”

Now that you’ve got the basics of what is inside an everyday stoner’s closet, we can go to the fun stuff: accessories. This is a part of your image that can be very unique to yourself and can differentiate you from a West Coast or Midwest stoner.

You can pull inspiration from legends of the past like Cheech & Chong and Bob Marley with things like groovy sunglasses, bandanas, beanies and lighter colors like green and yellow. Or if you’re going for the more modern look, adding layers of necklaces and chains or any kind of jewelry will only increase your green-infused aura. 

While the list could go on, there is one other accessory that tops them all while being an area for personal style and convenience: You need to have a go-to smoke bag.

This could look like a quick grab bag like a fanny pack with only the essential pre-rolls and a lighter or something more hefty and protective like a backpack in case you’re transporting any type of glassware. Backpacks can also be a place to stash your snacks and drinks when those munchies or cotton mouth kicks in.

But while all these styles are fluid and can mix and match to your own taste, you could always take people by surprise and be a daily suit-and-tie type of smoker like The Beatles or just your everyday kind of guy like Seth Rogen.

So if you’re sitting next to someone who’s giving off stoner vibes because they’re wearing a beanie and talk kind of slow, it may just be the girl in the back corner wearing all Lululemon who lights up every night. However, don’t be afraid to blend right in with the rest of the stoner community if you throw on a baja hoodie and some shades.

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