Because I Got High: Deer in the headlights and AP exam pre-gaming


Collegian | Falyn Sebastian

Guest Author

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Deli meat snuggles

There was a time when my roommate and I got WAY too high before bed. Of course I ended up having the munchies and really nothing to eat, so I thought it would be crafty and yummy to roll up croutons in deli meat (ham). I remember eating a bunch and ended up passing out and waking up with croutons and ham slices in my bed and on my chest. My roommate came into my room when I was asleep and noticed, and we still find it funny to this day. All in all, I felt like complete shit the next day and just still can’t bring myself to eat deli meat anymore.


Deer in the headlights

During my first week my freshman year, one of my roommates wanted to go smoke. So all three of us set off to find a good spot. We ended up at Horsetooth Reservoir in a deep industrial part down a dirt road. We were sitting on the ground next to our car passing around a joint. I kept feeling an uneasy feeling, like someone was watching us. As the smoke continued to pass around, I started hearing little snaps and movement behind me. I kept trying to tell myself that I was lost in the high, but the noises got louder. That’s when both my roommates looked up at me and we all looked at each other in a sudden panic, unsure of what the noise was. I turned my flashlight on and spun around behind me and screamed when I saw three deer about 5 yards in front of me. A deer-in-the-headlights moment for both parties, I’d have to say.

AP exam pregaming

So I wasn’t actually high, but I had a moment where I felt like I was anyway. One time in high school, I had a really bad cold during AP exam season. I took about as many cold meds as I possibly could one morning and made my way to the AP Calculus test. The only thing I really remember about that test is sitting at a table in my high school’s gym, feeling my head swirl around me. Everything felt really muted, and it was like my conscious was separated from my body. I just sat there wide-eyed thinking, “Is THIS what being high feels like?” I still got a 4 on the exam.

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